Stumbling Along into the Great Unknown. Part 3

In this series of articles, we’ve covered:

* how to open and set up an account on (SU)and

* how to post a link onto the SU site.

Now let’s return to that link we posted and look at what we can do with it.

Remember, we discussed two ways to access our links and both of them involved visiting our “Likes.”  From the last article, we learned that as soon as we submit something to SU, we are prompted to see it by “visiting your likes.” (Here’s a repeat of Image 2a from the last article.)


For today’s lesson, log into your SU account and from your home page, click the “Profile” button in the upper margin. (I circled it in RED in image 3.)


All your submissions and any others you voted for will be displayed on this page. You may have to scroll down to find the one you want. Image 4 shows what I did. I scrolled down and found the link I wanted — one of the chapters from my serial novel, The Presidents Club.


In image 5, notice I’ve circled in RED, three icons that appear on every link.


Today, we will work with the one in the middle — a little box with an arrow jumping out of it.

BEFORE you click on the icon, just position your cursor over it. Notice a tiny window opens and identifies the icon as the “Share” button. That’s exactly what we’re going to do — share this link with our followers.

Most likely, you have a few followers. You may have some you weren’t aware of.  Go ahead and click the button. Image 6 show you what I see when I do that. Beside each of the followers listed, is a blank box.  Click on that box for each of your friends to whom you wish to send your link.  I usually pick the ones that have a track record of voting for my links. (A future article will show you how to determine who is voting for your links.)


After you’ve selected everyone you want to contact, move down to the “Message” field.  SU rules prohibit asking for votes, so I try to think of some clever attention getting blurb that will entice people to vote for the link.  Often times, I’ll simply copy and paste a snippet from the article.

Now, click the “Send” button and you’re done.  In a few seconds, SU will notify you that your link was shared.

HINT:  SU won’t share your message with more than about twenty people at one time. If you exceed their limit, you’ll get a message stating that your attempt to share wasn’t successful. I learned this the hard way.


Next article, “Follow and be followed.”  How to get more followers on SU and increase your online presence. Here’s the link to my profile:

51pGIsuFnbL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-59,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Please click the book cover to read more about FCEtier’s novel on Amazon.


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  • Great advice. StumbleUpon may be the most important part of social media we have to promote books and blogs, but it is a jungle to navigate. You have hacked out a clearing for everyone to follow. We are indebted.

    • Thanks, Caleb.
      It gets even better, and more useful.
      Stay tuned!

  • All readers: Please note in my preview to the next article (above) I posted the link to my profile. Go ahead, click it, and follow me. I’ll follow you back.
    Let’s get ahead of the game on the next article.

  • Wow! I never knew about that little box with the arrow jumping out of it, cool! I have a few followers on SU (very few, about 40!!) and I follow double that number. I’d love to follow you Chip, but I don’t get it, not quite. Where do I click? And when I’m on SU, how do I find friends to follow? I guess that’s for your next article, can’t wait!

    • I want to add something: I just went on SU and managed to follow you by writing your name FCEtier in the search box. Then I tried to follow my Facebook friends…Disaster! They sent onto me a long list of FB friends and I highlighted religiously all those that I wanted to follow (hoping to be followed back of course) and after I’d finished going through the lot (took me 10 minutes or more) I couldn’t complete the exercise: I was supposed to be able to send them an invite, instead I got an error message!!!

      I think that’s a serious limitation with SU. It seems (so they claim) that now they have 25 million members. When I joined 2 years ago, they had 20 million. So over two years, according to their own stats, they grew by 5 million or some 20%. Not bad, but in this age of Internet, nothing amazing. I wonder whether this slow growth can be ascribed to the kind of problem I encountered: it’s terribly difficult to link with other people on SU, even people you know, and if you can’t link, how can you share, how can you spread the word?

      But knowing you, I’m sure you have a good answer to all my doubts…

      • Some of the points you’ve mentioned are already in my notes for a future article. The others, I’m jotting down to include.
        Thanks for your active participation!

  • Darlene Jones – Author

    Thank you!!

  • Jim Callan

    Jim CallanI know so little about SU, so this was a great help. Thanks for taking the time to help educate me – and others. And by all means, I’ll follow you.

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