Bluebonnets: The calm promise of tomorrow.

Texas bluebonnets. Photography by J Gerald Crawford.
Texas bluebonnets. Photography by J Gerald Crawford.

A couple of days ago, I wrote a little blog about the Comanche legend of the bluebonnets that drape themselves across the Texas hillsides this time of year.

I had heard the legend for a long time.

It has always moved me.

It is beautiful.

And poignant.

But primarily I wrote the story to show off spectacular photography of my old running mate: J Gerald Crawford, whose artistic photographic work is featured on Ventures Galleries.

Then I received a comment from a former newspaper colleague of mine, Roger Summers.

He kindly said of the blog:


To the point.

To the heart.

A story from the heart.

I only told the story the way an old Comanche storyteller had told it.

That’s what I do.

I’m a reporter.

Then Roger Summers wrote again.

He didn’t tell the story.

His words came from deep inside him, and they captured the essence of the bluebonnet better than anyone.

He wrote:

Here in the midst of gathering, overwhelming news events that seemingly bring endless gloom comes the bloom of the bluebonnet to calm.

To brighten.

To promise.

To remind of the resilience that will come tomorrow.

I have read Roger’s work for years.

He and I once worked together on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

His words and thoughts, in written form, appear regularly on Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

And I only have one thing to say.

That’s the way I want to write when I grow up.


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