The Chair: Haunted by a Strange Obsession


The Chair is a kinder, gentler novel written by a kinder, gentler Kelly Marshall.

It is not the same kind of sexy, salacious, often wild and wicked tale that usually comes from her imagination.

Even the voice is softer.

But the story?

It weaves its way into you soul before you realize it and stuns you before you even guess that the shock is coming.

The Chair is definitely different.

But The Chair is even more beguiling.

And the writing is the stuff of poetry:

Linda followed me. Please don’t be angry. I treasure out friendship.”

I couldn’t listen to her and didn’t want her pity. I shut the door and left for the last time. It had started to snow, not like the first snow I remembered from out first date almost a year earlier, but bitter and miserable as I walked to the car. A gust of November air stung my face and caused my eyes to tear. Some guys never learn.

Kelly Marshall has crafted a story that is guaranteed to prick your emotions.

It is one of friendship.

And love.


And anger.

The one thing that ties the gauntlet of emotions together all centers around a high chair, which, after all, happens to be Linda’s singular and strange obsession.

Paul is a widower in a small Michigan town.

He watched his wife slowly die of cancer.

She’s gone.

He’s alone.

But he can’t grieve for her.

He knows she is no longer gripped in a vise of pain.

Linda is a bank teller with a past she doesn’t know she has.

Her parents died while she was young.

She was raised by her grandparents.

And her prized possession is her high chair, the last symbol of those wonderful memories from her growing up years, the last symbol of their unconditional love for her. Will she ever find that kind of love again?

Linda is friendly.

She’s comfortable to be around.

Paul finds himself smitten with her.

Perhaps, it’s even love.

He fashions a beautiful high chair that Linda can add to her collection.

For Paul, it’s the beginning. It’s his gift of affection.

It only leads to heartbreak.

Linda leaves for another job when the bank is sold.

That’s bad enough for Paul, but she leaves with another man, her boss.

His last chance for love has departed for another town.

However, Linda’s hopes for an idyllic life are shattered.

Family secrets, long buried, long forgotten, come to light.

They revealed a tragedy.

They had hidden an unspeakable crime.

But is it true?

And what is truth anymore?

A man who says he is Linda’s father comes to town to see her.

But wait.

Her father is dead.

Who is this man?

And why is he knocking at her door?

Linda’s life is abruptly turned upside down.

She faces decisions she never thought she would have to make.

Did she make the right choice by falling in love with her boss?

Or should she have remained true to Paul?

Life is kind to her.

She is given the right to choose again.

The Chair is a bittersweet love story, but definitely more sweet than bitter.

Sometimes authors take another, a different kind of road when writing their novels, and The Chair is a road I’m glad that Kelly Marshall decided to take.


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  • Caleb Pirtle

    The story sneaks up on you. But once it grips you, you can’t let go.

  • I really like that cover.

    • Caleb Pirtle

      It looks like an Old Master’s painting.

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