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The Book: Forbidden Future

The Genre: An Anthology of Time Travel Stories

The Publisher: Masquerade Crew

The Short Story: Society

The Author: Terra Harmony


Terra Harmony
Terra Harmony

The Forbidden Future Anthology has been a long time in the making! When I found the writing prompt back in August of 2012, I thought – why not give it a try? “One character or a group of characters travel many years into the future. What do they find there? Are they able to come back home, or are they trapped? What has become of mankind? Is life better or worse? What’s the political climate? The real climate?”

At that point, I was neck deep in writing ‘The Akasha Series,” an eco-fantasy set of novels that are all about the climate, so could relate to the prompt. My submission ‘Society’ takes place after a  race for alternative energies, the only significant contenders being nuclear and solar.

The division of sides were as clearly defined as political parties. Though solar might seem the more ‘eco’ approach, there is a list of minerals that must be mined out of the earth to construct solar panels; indium, gallium, cadmium, copper, iron ore, lead, and it goes on and on. With precious minerals in hot demand, war breaks out over rights to the mines.

It makes for an interesting backstory, and the short story was soon down on paper. I had a fun time writing it, and a better time reading everyone else’s take on it!  Please be sure to check out the anthology and let us know what you think!

Please click the book cover image at the top to read more about Forbidden Future. The time travel anthology is presently available for 99 cents.


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  • Our roof is covered with solar panels. We were part of a pilot project in NJ, and it’s been a great decision – our electricity bill for major summer airconditioning runs around $2.49.

    But I know that the panels – and batteries and electronics – use the rare minerals, and I know that China has many of the world’s stocks, and may soon decide to keep them for their own citizens.

    It is a sobering thought – and, as you use for a premise, it could definitely happen.

  • Caleb Pirtle

    The great thing about sci-fi, Terra, is that it allows you to create and build a brave new world instead of struggling to fit your story into a world that exists. Your opportunities are limitless.

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