The Gift I Want for Christmas


Christmas is a season for giving.

We buy gifts.

We exchange gifts.

Gifts let people know we care.

With that in mind, let me tell you want I want for Christmas.

I don’t know all of you.

Chances are, we’ll never meet.

But I feel as though I have a worldwide community of friends out there, people whose names I know, whose writing I appreciate, whose books I have read, whose tweets I have re-tweeted, whose blogs and serials I have published.

We are family.

We’re not connected by blood.

We are connected by words.

So I don’t mind asking you to give me a gift this Christmas.

Here is what I want.

I have watched a lot of Christmases come and go, and I have seen Christmas in the eyes of a child.



A twinkle.

A smile.

A heart full of love.

And I have seen disappointment in the eyes of a child.




A frown.

A heart full of hurt.

I hurt when a child hurts.

So do you.

So do we all.

For Christmas this year, the only gift I want is for you to drop by your favorite store and buy a toy, any toy, large or small, expensive or on sale, and take it down to Toys for Tots.

The Marines collect them.

Firemen collect them.

So does the Salvation Army, as well as many other charitable organizations throughout the country. Each community, each part of the world, has its own version of Toys for Tots. The names may be different, but their aim is all the same.

Somewhere a child is waiting.

Too often, Christmas is just another day.



And without meaning.

Your gift can put Christmas in the eyes of the child.

You’ll feel better.

I’ll feel better.

And a child feels the spirit of Christmas.

It lasts a long time.

Sometimes, it lasts forever.

For your Christmas gift this year, I thank you.

I have already given a Christmas gift for you.

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  • Caleb Pirtle

    Every child deserves, wants, and needs a gift for Christmas. He or she may be waiting on you.

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