The Lies of Saints by Sigmund Brouwer: Audiobook Showcase

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Today we feature a new Audible release by  fiction writer, Sigmund Brouwer.

Here is the publisher’s summary from Audible.

The apparent suicide of a young cadet at the Citadel leads Nick Barrett back two decades to the disappearance of a South Carolina beauty pageant queen. Beneath the glittering exterior of the elite of Charleston lies a century-old conspiracy that will endanger Nick’s life and the people he loves most. Ironically, it’s the sinister past that holds lessons about the strength and importance of faith.

As one succinct reviewer put it:

As to be expected in the Nick Barrett mysteries, Brouwer offers up another atmospheric tale with tight plotting, intriguing characters, and a surprise or two or three.

Sigmund Brouwer
Sigmund Brouwer

From Sigmund’s Amazon author page we learn he is a busy man, not only a writer, but also a person with a vision to light the literacy fire under school kids.

Whether writing youth or adult fiction, Sigmund Brouwer is a best-selling author of more than 40 fast-paced novels. He loves going to schools to get kids excited about reading, reaching roughly 80,000 students a year through his Rock&Roll Literacy Show.

Sigmund is married to songwriter recording artist Cindy Morgan. The couple and their two young daughters divide their time between Red Deer, Alberta and Nashville, Tennessee.

As you may have noticed from the credit on the cover of The Lies of Saints, I had the privilege of narrating the book.  Brouwer’s engaging writing style and the many twists and turns in the story made reading the book aloud a fun project.

There are two other books in Brouwer’s Nick Barrett series, and he has been kind enough to ask me to narrate those as well.

So, if you get a chance, drop by and check out The Lies of Saints and Sigumnd Brouwer’s other books available there.  To do that, all you have to do is click here.

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  • Caleb Pirtle

    If you narrated the book, Stephen, I want to hear it. You have a real knack for audiobooks.

  • I don’t make a big deal of it overtly, but there is a solid understory about faith, belief, and consequences in anything I write.

    One of the things that stress characters is putting them in a position where they have to decide who they really are, and what it means to follow the consequences of their decisions and behavior. You don’t find out how someone really feels about life and death, children and commitment, right and wrong, if you don’t push them to the edge where it matters.

    It’s one of my favorite parts of writing – finding out how I think and what I really believe.

    Looking forward to hearing some of your audiobooks – it will be good to hear your voice: voices are such huge parts of people, even when disguised by acting.

  • Roger Summers

    Hear! Hear!

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