They Shot My Dog.

Cutter as a puppy
Cutter as a puppy

Cutter, my crème lab, came running towards my husband in his usual loping canter. They’re pals—hardly ever separated, except when Ron goes to work. He grinned as Cutter came closer, but that grin faded quickly as he watched a patch of red spread over the dog’s left shoulder.

This bond between my husband and this dog happened slowly. Ron hates to get attached. We acquired Cutter as a puppy from the Animal Shelter. He was the only crème lab in a litter of all black pups. I knew he was the one. What a cute puppy he was! If you are familiar with labs, you know how sweet and loving they can be. Ron tried not to get attached. He tried very hard, but it was impossible. They bonded and Cutter worships my husband. I’m okay in a pinch when Ron is not around, but as soon as he appears, I become invisible to Cutter. I love it, it’s so adorable.

So you can imagine my husband’s horror at the sight of blood running down his blonde coat. Cutter didn’t seem to limp, but he sort of had a puzzled look in his eyes. Ron called me outside and we examined him. Sure enough, a perfectly round wound was buried deep in his fur. It’s winter, so his coat is thick. We searched for the bullet, but couldn’t find it. Did it exit, or was it still in there? We looked for an exit wound, and again, found nothing.

Naturally, I called the vet and he told us to bring him in. After an examination and x-ray, the vet determined the bullet was not inside the dog. So what type of bullet was it? The vet said it was either a .22 caliber shot from a distance, or a pellet gun shot from close range. We live on ten fenced acres, so Cutter ran quite a distance before he got to Ron. The bullet could have worked its way out, I suppose.


I called the sheriff and reported it. They were quite concerned, as there has been a rash of dog shootings and kidnappings in the area. Extra patrol was put in place and suggestions were made to put up security cameras in order to identify the perpetrator. We are in the process of having the cameras installed.

The aftermath of this incident is we are now afraid on our own property. Cutter was minding his own business on our fenced property and still he was shot. It could have been either one of us. It’s a sad day when you don’t feel safe on your own land after you’ve taken precautions to make it as safe as you can.

My husband has been shaken to the core. You can see the strong bond between them. He would be devastated if something happened to that dog. Who would do such a thing to such a sweet animal? We think we know who did it. Without proof, there is nothing we can do to assure this person won’t do it again. Now, we keep Cutter penned unless we are outside. The poor dog has ten acres to run on and can’t have that freedom right now.

I love to watch Ron and Cutter work on the property. My husband loves to tinker on his projects all over the place and Cutter is right there, trotting after him. I watch out the window sometimes and see Ron talking to him and Cutter’s tail wagging happily. A special relationship almost cut short by some sick person.

Cutter is fine now, but we are not.

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