Two of the 100 Indie Books You Should Read Before You Die

Great works of literature are being produced by wonderful independent authors who are breaking the mold in the literary world of fiction.

Too many literary sources completely omit or overlook Indie Books when compiling their lists of the 100 books you should read before you die. They showcase the legends, the classics.

Yet, we are fortunate to have a lot of outstanding books by outstanding indie authors in today’s literary marketplace. We are continuing our series featuring great indie books you should definitely read in your lifetime, knowing that the list will always change with the passing years and with the release of new books.

Here, in no particular order, are the two books we are featuring today.

Yesterday People

By Terri Herman-Ponce

David Bellotti will do anything to protect his daughter.

And an ancient secret mankind must never know.

Twelve thousand years ago, when hunter-gatherers roamed, David and Ada inscribed a cryptic message on the walls of a secret cave. No one, except for a select few, was allowed to even see it. For millennia, the primal words remained abandoned and forgotten. Until now.

When a famous archaeologist discovers the cave, he has no idea of the forbidden knowledge it contains. Or the connection it has to Earth’s past.

It’s a dangerous discovery in the wrong hands.

After Midnight

Diane Shute

As far as Alix is concerned, she has no past, only today. And her plans for the future are creating a dynamic stable of thoroughbreds that will take the 1830s British racing world by storm.

When forced into assuming the role of Lord Griffon’s wife in London, her plans are threatened by disturbing images of a castle from her past that fight to resurface.

Alix is determined to find a way to take control of her life and fulfill her dreams.

This women’s historical fiction novel is the first in the Midnight Series.


Previous Books Selected:

Sleeping Tigers by Holly Robinson, Wings of Mayhem by Sue Coletta, Blood Orchids by Toby Neal, The Girl Who Watched Over Dreams by Jeff Russell, Blood Land by R. S. Guthrie, Deadly Chocolate Addiction by Sally Berneathy, Circle of Hurt by Jim H. Ainsworth, Dancing on Air by Uvi Poznansky, Army of Worn Soles by Scott Bury, Trouble in Glamour Town by S. R. Mallery, Mateguas Island by Linda WatkinsKiss the Girls and Make Them Die by Kelly Marshall, The Compost Pile by Stephen Woodfin, The Hollow Man by Paul Hollis, Avengers of Blood by Gae-Lynn Woods, Tabula Rasa by Gordon Bickerstaff, A Silver Medallion by James R. Callan, The Girl in the Window by Jake Needham.


Dead Storm by Helen Hanson, Remains by Marjorie Swift Doering, The Last Victim by Jordan Dane, Vigilante by Claude Bouchard, Ludwika by Christoph FischerStranger at Sunset by Eden Baylee, Stutter Creek by Ann Swann, A Change of Hate by Joe Broadmeadow, When the Sun Was Mine by Darlene Jones, Nobody’s Child by Libby Fischer Hellmann, The Zen Detective by Devorah Fox, That One Moment by Patty Wiseman, Mail Order Groom by Dana Wayne, The House of Lies by Debra Burroughs, Redemption Lake by Susan Clayton-Goldner, Pride’s Children: Purgatory by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt, Cold Justice by Rick Polad, Each Day I Wake by Seb Kirby, The Bridge to Caracas by Stephen Douglass, No Sweat Pants Allowed by Jan Romes, In the Attic by Garry Rodgers, A Fine Year for Murder by Lauren Carr, My Brother’s Keeper by S. S. Bazinet, The Undernet by J. S. Frankel, Pearseus: Rise of the Prince by Nicholas C. Rossis.


The Ninth District by Douglas Dorow, The Dead Game by Susanne Leist, Deadly Dominoes by Linda Pirtle, The Desolate Garden by Daniel Kemp, The Promise of Provence by Patricia Sands, Mai Lin: Another New Beginning by Gay Ingram, Murder a la Christie by Marilyn Levinson, The Long Shooters by Daniel C. Chamberlain, The Back Road by Rachel Abbott, Broken Wings by D. G Torrens, Scalp Mountain by Julia Robb, Heaven to Betsy by Pamela Fagan Hutchins, Flawed Gods by Angela B. Mortimer, Moment by Moment by Laura Taylor, Deadly Secrets by Angel Sefer, The Girl in the Dark by Susan Willis, Give the Lady a Ride by Linda Yezak, The Girl in the Time Machine by Debra Chapoton, Closed Hearts by Regina Puckett, Letters to Gabriella by Patricia Paris.


Cassidy Jones and the Eternal Flame by Elise Stokes, The Crazy Girl’s Handbook by DelSheree Gladden, In Sheep’s Clothing by Emily Kimelman, Touching the Wire by Rebecca Bryn, The Luminary by Elle J Rossi. Everyone Burns by John Dolan, Finding Home by Jackie Weger, Lie Catchers by Paul Bishop, Stealing Time by K. J. Waters, The Beauty Shop by Suzy Henderson, The Drowned Phoenician Sailor by Lesley Hayes, The Bloodstone Reckoning by Michael Wigington, Swerve by Mike Markel, The Curious Miss Fortune by Tina-Marie Miller, Moments in the Moonlight by Deborah J Hughes, Weight of Shadows by Karl Holton, The Manhunter by Gene Shelton, A Cold Tomorrow by Mae Clair.


The Nam Within by Leonard Reese, Tissue of Lies by Carole Parkes, Guardian of Secrets by Janet Petken, The Treasure Hunt Club by Michael Scott Clifton, Coffee, Tea, The Chef, & Me by Caroline James, Annie by Cynthia Woolf, A Hundred Tiny Threads by Judith Barrow, When Darkness Falls by Kathleen Harryman, The Green Room by Faith Mortimer, A Dead Husbandby Anna Celeste Burke, A Dead Red Cadillac by RP Dahlke, The Enigma Factor by Charles V. Breakfield and Roxanne E. Burkey, The Devil’s Lieutenant by Suzi Albracht, Squalor, New Mexico by Lisette Brodey, The 9:45 to Bletchley by Madalyn Morgan, The Corner Shop of Whispers by Debbie Viggiano, Mama’s Madnessby Billy Ray Chitwood.

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