Caleb and Linda Pirtle Best Cover Design for a Hard-Boiled Mystery: Higher Than Jesus

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The Story: Higher Than Jesus is the classic Bad versus Evil thriller: snappy dialogue, hot sex and clever violence. Funny and always surprising, this is the book for you.

You are Jesus Diaz, the sharp but luckless Cuban hit man, hunted by the FBI and the mob and failing miserably at group therapy. When you kill a bad guy on Christmas Day, you can’t anticipate the twisted chain of events that link Chicago’s violent underworld to the White House.

COVERCONTEST-BESTCOVERSecrets are revealed as badasses burn. Arms deals go sideways. Vicodin brings you up. Willow, the glamazon of your dreams, goes down. The stakes crank ever higher. You wanted a life in movies? Your life is a movie, but Happily Ever After could prove elusive. Strap in for a deadly new year.

Review by SWP: I would not have expected a novel about a professional hit man to be so enjoyable, and it is really quite humorous at times. It is a really good action mystery about a Cuban that was mistreated in every life situation and decided to become bad but not evil. The last sentence of the book finally tells the reader the origin of the title.

Review by Mark Young: Cuban hitman, Jesus Diaz, is back in a new adventure from the twisted mind of suspense writer Robert Chazz Chute. Having escaped his former mob associates in New York, Jesus (“Don’t call me Jee-zuss, it’s pronounced Hay-soose”) is hiding out in Chi-town, waiting for the heat to burn off or for someone to step out of a dark alley and end the suspense.

It’s Christmas Eve, the perfect time to pull a job. Hey, he’s gotta eat and the father of a tall blond Amazon woman wants her drug dealer taken out. Jesus has been tailing the guy for a week – well, half the time on the dealer and half watching the beautiful daughter. Is it just the sentimentality of the holidays or is he falling for Willow for real?

Things go wrong in the course of the perfect hit and Jesus finds out things he wasn’t supposed to know and now he’s involved in an arms trade gone wrong. Two rival factions want the goods and are willing to kill to get them. Jesus agrees to work with his new love’s father to take out the heavies from one gang for a cut of the profits.

But, as always in the criminal underworld, there’s the double cross and the triple cross, there are lies and there are diversions. It’s going to take all of Jesus’s considerable skills and cunning, and the help of a homeless vet and a large, gay bodyguard, just to keep himself and Willow alive. He’ll need to clear his mind of all the drugs he’s been taking and get the job done.

A quick-moving plot with lots of surprises and a clear-eyed examination of addiction (yes, the title refers to that kind of high), this is another great installment in the ongoing “Hitman” series. Looking forward to future adventures.

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