Caleb and Linda Pirtle Best Cover Design for a Suspense Novel goes to The Tourist Killer

Caleb and Linda Pirtle is pleased to announce the winners of its Best Cover Design for Mystery Novels. The awards will be announced each day, and they are being given in the genres of International Thriller, Mystery, Conspiracy Thriller, Crime, Historical Crime, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Thriller, Detective, Spy Thriller, Crime Suspense, Hard-Boiled, Political Thriller, and Suspense.

Winner of the Best Cover Design for a Hard-Boiled Mystery will be announced tomorrow.












The Story: In his first novel, FCEtier delves into the mindset of a masters candidate and the events that take the student on a career path to the top of a lonely profession. We meet “The Shooter” as a mission is about to conclude and quickly become acquainted with a conflicted individual seeking resolution to inner conflicts as a phenomenal career enters its twilight years. Then another assignment comes up almost immediately.

How does an individual become a target? Who makes the life-ending decision? The cast includes potential victims, security staffs, and several eccentric characters including an aging hippie who speaks only in song lyrics and a former FBI agent with diverse interests. The role of Julian F. Thibaut, the enigmatic billionaire member of the one percent of the one percenters, changes with the winds and adds doubt to the already unstable status quo.

COVERCONTEST-BESTCOVERAs the action proceeds on several fronts, the shooter battles conscience, hired killers, and burnout while juggling relationships and attempts at normalcy. In this fast-paced story with political overtones, FCEtier takes readers on a thrilling ride while addressing personal, business, and governmental ethics.

Review by Phoebe Stogstill: The Tourist Killer is the best book I have read in a long time. I am sitting in a room cold enough to see my breath, but it is hard to tear myself away from the computer screen, because I want to see what is going to happen next. I do not want to inject spoilers in the review, but I will say that the shooter is not whom we expect it to be, and the age and background of the shooter is a refreshing angle.

The moral question should nag the killer but doesn’t and we finally see the killer’s reasoning. I am a True Crime fan, and a Mystery/Thriller fan and I have read hundreds of books from these genres, so I know how one that is well-written reads. I am also a writer, myself. All of the characters are interesting and well-developed. Mr. Etier has such a way with words, such good descriptions, such memorable locations–it holds our attention.

I also found him to be well-versed in the technology of weaponry, crime scenes and forensics. I am looking forward to the sequel, or anything else he chooses to write. If you are in the mood for a thriller that includes intrigue, heart-pounding danger, un-predictable twists and turns, I highly recommend The Tourist Killer. It would make a wonderful movie.

Review by Phillip Nork: Claudia Barry isn’t your average baby boomer waiting for retirement. Yes, her time has come, as many people’s do, but she isn’t leaving a conventional job. As she looks back on a stellar career, her mind takes her through all the decisions she had made in order to make this career her choice. And as she envisions painting sunsets on beaches and becoming just another face in the crowd, there is one last thing she must accomplish.

The Tourist Killer by FC Etier is a political thriller whose main characters come to life and leap off the pages. The author also uses what seem to be real locations as the characters travel through Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. I felt as though I was on the journey with them.

Not one to spoil any book, all I can say is buy this book and you won’t be disappointed. I’m not a real suspense/mystery genre type of reader, but still found myself clicking the mouse on my Kindle as fast as I could to see what was going to happen next.


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  • Congratulations to Chip and his cover designer. Congratulations to “Claudia.”

  • Thank you for this great honor.
    Thanks also to David Ammons for his original art work, Jeff Bennington, for his work designing the cover, and of course,
    thanks to Claudia Barry for her water color painting.

    • You all did a masterful job. Of course, if Claudia had a gun to my head, I could do better.

  • Yves Fey

    What fun! Wish I’d know about this contest before. I’m enjoying checking out the winners. Good reviews too.

  • Yves Fey

    What are the contest rules? My husband has a mystery with a great cover coming out, and I’ll be interested in entering my romances, even if it’s too late to enter Floats the Dark Shadow.

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