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Cheryl Hollon underlines her love of writing with her own podcasts for authors.
Cheryl Hollon underlines her love of writing with her own podcasts for authors.

I’M LEARNING the “ins” and “outs” about podcasting. Nikki Brown of the East Texas Writers Guild has put together a program to help those of us interested in knowing what podcasting is all about, and how we can use it to promote our books. Well, for me—book. I’ve listened to a couple of podcasts which consume about a half hour each of my time.

One in particular by Cheryl Hollon caught my fancy.

Cheryl is very familiar with the art of forming glass into creations of beauty. She has done extensive research at the Grand Central Stained Glass Shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. She and her husband own a small glass-making establishment where they make and sell their own fused glass, stained glass, and other works of glass art. But what does that have to do with podcasting?


Patricia La Vigne
Patricia La Vigne

Cheryl also has a great love of writing and she has learned to combine both loves into two novels and is working on a third. She uses her knowledge of construction of glass objects as themes in her books.

Cheryl’s first book is entitled, Pane and Suffering. Of course, everyone knows that “pane” refers to a full-sized or portion of a window.

Her second book, which I received for a Mother’s Day gift from my daughter, is called Shards of Murder. Again, the clever use of a word (Shards) related to broken glass.

A third book carries the title, Cracked to Death.

I first learned all this from listening to Cheryl in a podcast she did with Rob and Janelle Alex in their feature, Authors Talk About It.

I liked what I heard—Cheryl’s idea for using a theme related to glass and the Alex’s enthusiasm for her story.

I have developed a strong interest in podcasting, and am working out the kinks in order to find a podcaster with whom I will feel comfortable, one who is enthusiastic in their approach, who will allow me the time to promote Wind-Free, and in the future, Cool Murder. After that, who knows?

Kensington Books has opened a new door for Cheryl, who will most likely continue to publish stories related to the elements of glass, in any way, shape, or form. I’m sure she will continue to share her accomplishments with readers through many markets, including podcasting. I think the market is ripe for this approach.

Patricia La Vigne is the author of Wind-Free.


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