What Do You Think Goes with Noel?


I stumbled across it by accident.

But then, any thing I stumble across that is either worthwhile or worthless is usually by accident.

When you don’t know what you’re looking for, you never expect to find it.

I had finished writing a blog the other day, which wasn’t that difficult, but then it was time to start the hard part of blog posting.

I found myself, once again, searching for tag words.

I know tag words are important.

I read where tag words are important.

I hear other authors and bloggers say that tag words are important.

I’m never know for sure what makes a good tag word or what’s a good number of tag words to post with a blog or on StumbleUpon.

So I had begun my daily dig.

It was late.

I was tired.

I was in a hurry.

I was trying to type in the tag word NOVEL.

I missed the V.

It came out NOEL.

I’m always looking for signs.

So I believed this was a sign.

We write novels.

It’s Christmas.

Christmas, I’m told, is a great time of year to sell books. After all, people have to give something for the holidays. It might as well be a novel.

So for all of you who write and publish and promote and market and tweet your lives away, I wish you great success in a season of sales.

Just think about it.


And Noel.

They go together.

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  • Indeed, they do!! Brilliant idea, Caleb!!

    • All we can do is keep writing, wait for Christmas, and hope it sometimes comes in July.

  • Wonderful! :o)

    • I appreciate your sentiments more than you’ll ever know.

  • I could feel it all, so familiar yet so strange this life we find ourselves in. Great post, Caleb.

    • I there were lights in the tunnels, we wouldn’t go into the tunnels. What we’re doing is looking for the lights.

  • Caleb Pirtle

    Go ahead and give a book for Christmas. It will make everybody feel better.

  • The mind is a wonderfully bizarre thing. Instead of making you pay by working forever, it sometimes throws you a bonelet: Noel – novel. You’re sure you weren’t up all night figuring that one out? And making the Christmas Book tree? ‘Fess up.

    • Caleb Pirtle

      I would love to say I was up all night figuring it out, but, alas,my fingers don’t always work in the same direction at the same time when I’m typing.

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