What happens when a hundred thousand people read one of your blogs?

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For some unknown reason over a hundred thousand people have found their way to a blog of mine.

Who would have thought it?

So, what happens when that many people read your work?

The first thing is simple.  It makes you want to keep writing.

The particular post just happened to be a chapter in The Lazarus Deception, a college football murder mystery I am rolling out on VG Serials. For me that is doubly sweet because it isn’t just a blog, it’s a small snippet of novel-writing.

The Lazarus Deception by Stephen Woodfin

That’s what is so great about serials.  They walk somewhere in the middle ground between blogging and long-form fiction.  They are “real” writing, or at least an attempt at it.

Second, that sort of readership opens up a new world of friends.  The result would never have occurred were it not for folks at StumbleUpon who found the piece and took the extra steps of sharing it with other people on the site. It is a pure form of social media. Readers who take the time to study what someone writes, and then give it a thumbs up.

The third thing is that it energizes you to keep executing your business plan.  The writing gig is a business, and the hardest thing for authors is to figure a way to get their names out in the absence of a mega budget or some other form of celebrity.

For most of us, this brand-building pursuit is two parts sweat, one part fatigue, one part hopelessness.

Caleb Pirtle and I at Caleb and Linda Pirtle take our assignments seriously.  We aren’t playing.  We get up in the  morning and work at building what we call VG into a place where readers and Indie authors can meet, find something interesting to read, engage each other in dialogue about all things having to do with books.  Whatever success we have had so far stems from the efforts of those of you who take the time to visit us, to check out the news of the day.

For us, VG is an online magazine of Indie fiction.

We also owe a great debt of gratitude to those authors who have seen fit to jump in the serials fray with us.  What they get out of it is a chance to let readers find them.

What more could authors want?

A place to write something that maybe more than a hundred thousand people will read.

How cool is that?

(Stephen Woodfin is an attorney and author of legal thrillers.  Two of his books, The Lazarus Deception and Last One Chosen, are available as VG Serials.)


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  • David L Atkinson

    Hi Stephen. Congrats on achieving the 100k. In serialising my first Steele novel with VG the immediate benefit has been an increase in blog traffic and so I must thank the team for allowing me to be involved.

    • We are glad to have you on board, David. I am pleased to hear that you have seen some increased traffic since you came our way. We’re all in this together. Regards, SW

  • Most likely, one reason you got so many hits (in addition to your fine writing) is tags. Did you include tags for “Texas A & M”,” Aggies”, and “LSU?”
    Timing is everything, and this chapter hit just as bowl season was getting fired up.
    Regardless of the hows and whys, congratulations! No doubt, a lot of new visitors came to the VG site and that’s great for all of us.

    • Chip: The blog hit the day after Texas A&M beat Alabama.

      • I may need to write something about Johnny Football and the Heisman now.

      • We don’t have to talk about everything here, do we?

  • It is WAY cool, Stephen. We thank you for the opportunity and appreciate all of your (and Caleb’s) grueling efforts. Some of us have been struggling with the “hopelessness” part of the equation for years. This will be my third wave of “self-promotion,” starting in the late 1990s. I am glad to see someone having some success, and you deserve it.

    • Every day is a new one on the promotion front. We are all struggling to find the code that cracks the deal. We’ll keep plugging away at it. Thanks for coming our way at VG. Regards, SW

  • Your blog kicked the door open for us and made VG recognizable and respectable in the marketplace. And you’re right. We aren’t playing and love to work with authors and writers who aren’t playing either.

    • If there is any key we have found so far it is the one as old as the hills: Roll up your sleeves and keep at it.

  • That’s enough people to fill most football stadiums. Enough to sway an election. Enough to make a best seller.

  • That Venture has been such a success is directly related to the skill and dedication both you and Caleb have exhibited. This is a site one can count on to provide quallity reading and extremely helpful blogs, without fail. Don’t tell me two true-blue guys can’t change the world!!

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