Why is life like a novel?

In life, as in a novel, you never know where the next road will lead you. Photograph: J Gerald Crawford.
In life, as in a novel, you never know where the next road will lead you. Photograph: J Gerald Crawford.

I RECENTLY READ a quote that makes a lot of sense.

I don’t remember who said.

I don’t remember where I read it.

But the quote is definitely worth remembering.

Here’s what it said:

I like beginnings because they’re so full of promise.

The first page of a book.

The first day of a job.

The first date.

The first kiss.

The first kick of a good liqueur.

The first moment you hold your own baby.

I like beginnings because I know there’s always more to come.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that life is like a novel.

We don’t read it.

We live it.

Each day is new beginning.

Each day has a moment of conflict.

We laugh.

We cry.

We fall in love.

We fall out of love.

We are disappointed.

We get knocked down.

We get up and try again.

Each day holds at least one crisis.

We can win.

We can lose.

We can start over.

That’s the reason we have new chapters in our lives.

We don’t ever quit.

As long as we have a breath to draw, we have another page to live or to write.

Some chapters are longer than others.

Some chapters are better than others.

We fill those pages with the characters who come along to touch our lives.

Some we like.

Some we don’t

But we need them all.

What would life, what would our novel, be without them.

There is, however, one major difference between life and a novel.

We know how the novel ends.

We write the punch line.

Life ends before we realize it.

Life ends long before we’re ready.

Someone else will have to write the final paragraph.

Someone else will have to read it.

It’s almost always the preacher who has the final word.

Caleb Pirtle III is the author of Little Lies.


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  • Caleb Pirtle

    There’s one big difference. In a novel, I can edit out the dull parts. In life, I can’t.

  • jack43

    There’s a few characters I’d like to edit out but then there wouldn’t be any plot, would there?

    • Caleb Pirtle

      Jack, since you can’t edit out characters in your life, you have to sleep with one eye open.

  • baseballmh1012

    Do you mind if I share this on Facebook and give you complete credit? I love it!
    Mike Hinshaw (Nomadic Texan-on Triberr)

    • Caleb Pirtle

      Mike, I would be honored if you shared it. I vote for anyone who has “baseball” in his name. By the way, I am familiar with your work and would love for you to submit old or new articles with photos on Venture Galleries. Maybe we can help each other spread the word. I can link each of them to your site and maybe send some eyes your way.

    • baseballmh1012

      Caleb I received your response and am interested. Can you provide more details via my email. baseballmh@aol.com LOL!

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