You can find humor in any situation, even when the situation is not supposed to be funny.


A comedy writing teacher of mine once told me that there could be humor in any situation. However to find what’s funny, you just have to open the right door. Surprisingly enough, there are so many times when tears and laughter are just naturally on opposite sides of the moment.

He was serious when he told me that early on in life he was sure we are all being fitted for the many hats we were going to wear through our unforeseen journey during our time on this earth. He told me life is funny and – like time – can also be a callus four-letter word. Sometimes, it’s even just a simple question within itself. It seems like some people spend a good part of their life and time just trying to find the answer.

Some turn to religion. Some search within themselves. Many seem to think the answers are in a bottle. Or they believe that finding them may be as easy as locating the prize at the bottom of a Crackerjack box. As he told me, all you have to do is open the Crackerjack box from the bottom, and the prize is right there.

While some people choose to ignore the question, he told me a secret.

His voice seemed to elevate, and then he started using his hands and arms to create and evoke some of his own life’s experiences. It was when he took a deep breath and began what would be his last sentence of the evening that he let loose like Romeo himself and said, it all happens “as if by wizardry!”

That’s when I came to the compelling conclusion that he honestly believed Vodka has no smell.

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